Bamzi E-Business About

Mission statement


 BAMZIFull Service Marketing and Advertising Agency, gives creative and innovative services to all clients, based on knowledge and experience of its staff. BAMZIagency gives the best services to brand owners, takes advantage of professional creative teams and creates added value for businesses through implementing scientific methodologies and new marketing and advertising technologies. In this way, BAMZIprovides an integrated and comprehensive solution to give response to all Iranian and foreign clients’ needs in the area of marketing and advertising




 – Transferring to an ideal advertising, marketing, and branding agency in MENA region.
– Transferring to a presenter of consultant services in the field of advertising with the help of technologic ideas.
– Using paramount technologies for effective progressing of customers’ name in market.
– Creating new and attractive ideas and high quality performance.




– Providing effective marketing and advertising services for customers’ strategic aims.
– Market research and using innovative and bright ideas for customers’ progress.
– Creating bilateral constant relations based on partnership, responsibility, mutual perception and honesty.
– Increasing customers’ satisfaction
– Media development
– Enhancing qualitative level of services and products
– Fixing and enhancing BAMZIbrand
– Increasing qualitative manner, cultural and social rules in BAMZIworks
– Decreasing energy and natural resources expense and trying to protect environment
– Enhancing and creating satisfaction in personnel
– Enhancing human resource knowledge and skills